Our Story.


Tony's Jewelry opened its doors for business in 1998 founded by Antonio "Tony" De La Torre. What most don't know is that this business has been part of the family legacy for over 50 years!

It all started with the establishment of a jewelry store named 'La Perlita.' Founded by Tony's grandfather in Mexico City, México.  It was at this time that Tony picked up the craft and started working in the jewelry industry alongside his father.

At 16 years-old, he took the opportunity to move to San Diego, California where he continued his craft and worked for a local jewelry store. After two years, he was offered a management position requiring him to relocate to the city of Salinas in Northern California.

After years of dedication, he acquired his first business storefront in Old Town Salinas. His main focus at the time was doing repairs for other existing businesses in Monterey County. As sales increased, he expanded both services offered and his team. Creating 

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